You oughta be in pictures!

Picture this.  One day, years after you’re gone, your children say “You know, I have a lot of photos of me as a child in Mom’s old scrapbooks but I don’t have many (or any) of her.”

Many of us scrapbook to record our children’s lives for them. And we are a big part of that life! So why do we not make an effort to ensure we are in the photos we are scrapping?

I had been scrapbooking for about a year when I wrote a newspaper column about this. Here’s an excerpt:

More than once in the 10 years I’ve been in this business I’ve seen a driver’s license photo run with an obituary because “We just couldn’t find a good picture of Mom.”

Moms are frequently the scrapbookers, the chroniclers of family history, the people behind the camera.

Caught up in their scrapping projects — filing photos by year, holiday or special event, family member and racing to record the milestones in their families’ lives before the details fade — moms overlook the missing pieces: themselves.

No one’s telling their story and if they don’t start, who will?

It’s your history, too, and you should be a main character … not a footnote.

To get some ideas on how to get in more photos, you can read the whole column here. Please feel free to leave your suggestions below for how you get photos of yourself.

In my bio on this blog, I mention that I don’t always look the greatest in pictures. And real life can’t always be posed. So that’s why I chose to include with this post a photo my husband snapped of me and my daughter sleeping in the same position when she was just 5 days old. Not glamorous — but funny! Including photos of me that I think are less-than-flattering in my albums, will, I hope, make them authentic … the genuine article.


One response to “You oughta be in pictures!

  1. OMGoodness. I thought that was Bella sleeping until I saw the baby beside you. Hmmmm. I wrote the first sentence and then went back to look at the picture again and it is gone. Maybe I am crazy.

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