Monograms and making wax seals

When I was an English major and reading novels like “The Count of Monte Cristo” I got caught up in the romantic notion of sealing wax. I went to a great independent stationery store and bought two sticks of sealing wax — a dark red and a gold — and a fleur de lis stamp. This was in the early ’90s when email was just starting to overtake letter writing. I used my wax seals on some letters. But I found the smoke created by melting the wax off-putting and the red wax stained the letter inside the envelope. My wax sealing kit is in my desk drawer but I probably last wrote a letter the old-fashioned way a year ago.

When I first started scrapping many years ago, I tried to stamp my first initial and write the date I completed the layout in the corner of each. I don’t really do that anymore.

Now, Close To My Heart has me thinking about making wax seals using their Monogram stamps and embossing powder. Watch this video and then read on:

The Magic of Monograms

I have done the technique she refers to at the 2:19 mark to make a key embellishment, shown here and a cameo in the photo on the first page of this blog.  The key was made with a stamp from the Key Moments set (B1392). The cameo was made with a stamp from the Sweet Moments set (C1467).

Here’s what you need to pull off the wax seal look.

A circle of cardstock roughly the size of your monogram or other stamp
Versamark inkpad (Z891)
Embossing powder in clear detail (Z821) but gold (Z668) or another color would be pretty
A craft heater (Z555)
Monogram stamp (page 116 in the Idea Book)
Craft tray or shallow tray, pan or dish
Tweezers (Z1382)
A foam insert from the stamp envelope to cushion your impression
A buddy — seriously, it’s good to have a helper!

  1. Using the tweezers, pick up the cardstock by the edge.
  2. Cover the paper with Versamark ink.
  3. With the tweezers still grasping the paper, hold it over the tray and shake on embossing powder. Don’t hold back. You’re going to need a lot in the tray. You can pour what you don’t use back in the bottle when you’re done.
  4. Have your friend fire up the heat gun/craft heater.
  5. Hold the tweezers with the cardstock in one hand under the heat gun and the tray of embossing powder in the other away from the heat gun.
  6. As the heat melts the embossing powder evenly over the paper, stick the paper into the tray and shake/sift more powder over the wet layer that just melted. Then heat this new layer til wet. Repeat 4 times, building up a thick layer of melted embossing powder.
  7. When you think you have enough built up and it’s good and wet, put down the tray and pick up the monogram stamp you’ve already loaded onto a block. Quickly press the stamp into the melted embossing powder on the cardstock by placing it on the foam insert. Hold it still for several seconds. Then pull the stamp off. Your stamp shouldn’t melt or have any residue on it. If it does, quickly clean it off before it can harden.
  8. Let your embossed impression/wax seal cool/harden. Then attach it to your envelope, layout or other project with adhesive.

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