Stamp care

Every time you use your stamps, you should clean them before you put them away.

Most times you can use the cleaner and scrubber. There is a special cleaner if you use Staz-On or archival black ink, which will stain your stamps. Even using only dye-based inks, over time you may have to use something stronger.

You might want to use dish detergent like Dawn on your stamps and blocks. This isn’t something you have to do after every use.

Avoid using rubbing alcohol, which can deteriorate stamps and make your blocks cloudy and hard to see through. That’s not to say that using it ONE time on a stubborn stain will ruin your stamp. But it’s not something you should use regularly.

Washing your stamps occasionally can get rid of oil from your skin, dust, glitter and embossing powder that may be affecting how well your stamps cling to blocks or their sheets.

Use mild dish soap and warm water – use a colander to make sure you don’t lose small stamps down the drain. Let stamps air dry. Put them face down on something like kitchen towel or paper towel while they’re drying.


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