Author Christina Freeburn shares her holiday crafts and a giveaway

I’m delighted to welcome to the blog today author Christina Freeburn. She shares how she crafts for the holidays, and she’s brought a giveaway: a set of gift tags she crafted and a copy of her just-released scrapbooking mystery, “Cropped To Death”, which I reviewed earlier.

What holiday craft do you enjoy doing? What gifts are you making (if you can tell it here without spoiling a surprise)? Leave your answer in the comments to enter to win. We’re accepting entries until 6 p.m. EST Friday. The winner will be notified over the weekend.

I hope you enjoy this peek into an author’s crafting lifestyle.

Holiday Crafting – Keeping it Simple and Fun by Christina Freeburn

Holiday crafting is one of the joys, and can be a stress, of the holiday season. There are always so many different types of crafts…for decorating and gifting purposes…that I want to make. My list grows and grows and before I know it, the only way I could accomplish all of it would’ve been to start in January.

 I’ve learned to scale back and pick a few projects that will bring home the holiday spirit to me and also not leave me feeling upset. I used to spend weeks making handmade Christmas cards, but went back to store bought when the task turned into more of a chore and was a stress rather than the relaxing time it had first been.

Part of the issue was I told myself the cards had to look ‘exactly’ like the ones in the magazine. They needed to be elaborate and personalized for each recipient. It might have been doable except I had sixty people on my card list and what had been fun turned into a ‘job’. I found I didn’t have time to work on other craft projects, baking, and decorating with some a time consuming task I turned card making into. It was also hard to accept the help of my children as the designs were so elaborate it was hard for my elementary school age children to participate.

 Part of the fun of holiday crafting was spending the time with my children, something I landed up doing away with in my quest to have the ‘perfect’ cards. Nowadays, I keep in mind that the best part of the creating for the holidays is making it a family activity. My daughters and I pick cookies recipes that we will all enjoy making and allows us to make more than one type.

 For holiday gifts, I also plan on keeping it simple and elegant. The Disney cruise scrapbook my mother-in-law is hoping for Christmas will be focused more on the photographs and I’ll use a simple design, which I’ll probably ‘copy’ for the album my daughter as she’d like an album also. One of the gifts I’m looking forward to most is the ‘jar’ (rather a large plastic container) of quilt strips for a special little girl who I love and adore. She loves to make designs on the floor with my fabric scraps so I’m going to make her a kit. I can’t wait to start cutting the strips from the fabric I’ve collected.

This year, I’m also going to do what I’ve always wanted–give a handmade touch to all my gifts–by using my Cricut to cut out tags then decorate them with stamps and stickers. I’ll also leave some blank for my husband and children to use in case they’d like to personalize some for gifts they are giving.

To enter to win a set of Christina’s gift tags, answer these questions in the comments: What holiday craft do you enjoy doing? What gifts are you making (if you can tell it here without spoiling a surprise)? Contest ends 6 p.m. EST Friday, Nov. 30.


8 responses to “Author Christina Freeburn shares her holiday crafts and a giveaway

  1. Hi, I love to craft, too. But since I started writing, I’ve slowed down a lot on my crafting. I do it whenever I get the urge or see something I want to make. I guess I can answer both questions with one answer. I love making Christmas ornaments and I usually give some as presents, too. Would love to win the gift tags.

  2. It seems like I am always running out of those sticky tags that say To and From – this is a great way to make my own! Also, I can make it out of the stuff I already have in my craft box so it’s a great way to save money. 🙂

  3. I love making Christmas cards. I send out about 100 every year. I make them all year long, so no stress. If I happen to be a few short when the holiday season approaches, I will make a simple design to finish off my list!

  4. My favorite holiday craft is making ornaments. This year I’m trying to get my hands on some Atlantic surf clam shells. If I can, I’ll be painting my childhood home on the Jersey Shore on the shells. Before it was my home it was my mom and aunt’s summer home, and their father’s and his father’s…you ge thenidea. I thought with all the destruction this past fall it would be a nice idea. Sandy has made it tough to get near the beach, so I might have to wait. I plan on using acrylic craft paints, clear Krylon spray paint (as a protectant), and my husband’s Dremel to make a whole for the ribbon hanger.

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