Spreading the good news

My cousin Dennis’s wife, Janna, has it figured out. She has streamlined the process of the holiday family newsletter. She knows the family wants to see her three lovely girls and hear a little bit of what they’re up to. For the past couple of years at least Janna has sent a photo of the girls as a holiday card and on the back she has pasted a sticker printed with some of each girl’s activities and accomplishments.

I made a newsletter one year, 2008. Here it is:


This is how I did it. I wrote a short paragraph about each detail I wanted to share – things that our family had done during 2008: getting a dog, Cynthia visiting Los Angeles, Arabella starting Kindergarten and Girl Scouts, David getting his electrician’s license. Then I chose photos that corresponded to each paragraph. I even included a sample of Arabella’s handwriting. I uploaded them to Snapfish and made a collage print. I ordered one copy of the 8 by 10 print. When I received it, I took it and my newsletter to the copy shop at Office Depot. I had double-sided color copies made – the collage on one side, the newsletter on the other. I mailed them in a No. 10 business envelope.

If you were savvy with a desktop publishing program – I used to use QuarkXpress at my newspaper job – you could draw picture boxes and import photos and type captions in text boxes under them. Even simpler, Walmart sells in the office supplies aisle letterhead printed with holiday motifs. You could purchase that, write a holiday letter and print it on the purchased letterhead. A family holiday photo is optional.

If you have a photo, you may wish to send just a photo card, without too many personal details – which is what I’ll write about tomorrow.


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