Make a Date to Create

I’ve been slow to start workshops because I don’t want to call them “classes”. In part because a lot of my scrappy peers have been cropping at least as long as I have — there’s not much I could “teach” them. But I have figured out what I really want. I want to do for others what consultants have done for me. Let me explain.

Sometimes I really want to scrapbook but I don’t know what I want to create. That’s when I take a “class.” The instructor has chosen the paper, designed the layout and set out her tools. All I have to do is show up and create. After a couple of hours I feel accomplished. I leave with something finished. It’s key for me (and my husband) to see results for all the money I’ve invested in this hobby.


On May 17, I’m offering to do that for you. I’ll set everything up to make a version of my demolition derby layout. We’ll make a two-page layout using Close To My Heart’s Later Sk8r paper pack. I’ve seen it for a boy’s birthday, but it could also be gussied up for a girl. It could also be used for skateboarders, riding a bike for the first time, even to document a Rube Goldberg competition.

All you have to do is come to my house at 6 p.m. and make it for $10. You’ll need to bring basic tools — a paper trimmer, ruler, microtip scissors and adhesive (a tape runner is preferred), all of which can be purchased at my website.

While I hesitate to call this a class, I will certainly help beginners and novices. This is a get-together for people of all abilities. I want to make a place and time where you can complete a layout. A Date to Create. To register, e-mail me at


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