Research family history and scrapbook it

We scrapbookers are well-acquainted with recording history as it happens. But what about our past?

In the last six months I’ve met members of my dad’s family for the first time. That’s a long story best saved for another time. However, it led me to do genealogy research, also for the first time. With a lot of help from a friend who’s a seasoned genealogist, I found this photo of my great-grandparents.

Jacob Mary Ann Knotts Cres

This summer I am starting a group for people who want to research their family history and also scrapbook it. Together we’ll learn methods of tracing our ancestors and techniques for preserving the photos and information we turn up. Anyone can join — if you’re a scrapbooker who’s never done genealogy or if you know a family history buff who doesn’t scrapbook, bring her! If you’re interested, contact me at and I’ll work out a meeting time and place.




3 responses to “Research family history and scrapbook it

  1. My brother researched our family with much detail. Also have lots of great pictures. It is my goal to capture some of this in a scrapbook but it will be a big undertaking. Good luck with yours and would love to see how you’ve captured what you’ve found!

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