Throwback Thursday: Halloween costumes

I just asked my friends on my personal Facebook profile what their favorite or most memorable Halloween costume was. Not surprisingly, many of the responses were homemade costumes.

This year, my 10-year-old daughter is going to be Medusa. We’re making the costume instead of buying it for $40.

My favorite costumes are the ones I’ve made for her, in order since her birth: puppy, candy corn, chili pepper, her pediatrician (that’s what she wanted!), cowgirl, Belle from Beauty & The Beast, and artist Henri Matisse with her dad as the painted canvas achieved by recreating in fabric paint “The Fall of Icarus” on a T-shirt.DSCF3061crop

Old dance costumes have been called up to serve another role. One year she was a Dalmatian, another a princess. Last year she got her first store-bought costume: Cleopatra. She wore it to a school haunted house fundraiser right before Superstorm Sandy dropped several feet of snow on us on Halloween. She also wore it to a candy giveaway at a church that was a trick-or-treat alternative made necessary by storm damage and power outages.

I can’t remember much about my childhood costumes. Isn’t that sad?! My first trick-or-treat, I was a clown. I was “Bride Doll Barbie” in second grade I think. And in, maybe fifth grade, I was Mrs. Frisby from “The Secret of NIMH.” Somewhere in there I might’ve been a Cabbage Patch Kid … I really can’t remember.

Somewhere there’s a photo of my first clown costume but besides that there are no photos of each year’s costume.


Our house sits so far off the street, we long ago gave up on getting any trick-or-treaters.

Perhaps our only trick-or-treater has been my nephew, the Halloween aManeManfter he moved to our town with his mom. I took photos of him, a toddler, in his little lion costume. I recently made a single-page layout, titling it “Mommy’s Mane Man”. I placed it in an album as a birthday gift for his mom. I included some 12×12 Memory Protectors Photo Storage Pages with horizontal pockets in which she can tuck photos … she’s not a scrapbooker.

I wasn’t sure if I was going to put the layout in a frame so I didn’t want it to look too seasonal so it could be displayed year-round. He is 14 years old now so I wanted it to look masculine. It’s bad enough he’s a toddler in a lion costume in the photos!

Not everyone celebrates Halloween with costumes and candy. My husband had costumes for the school’s concurrent storybook character parade but he wasn’t allowed to trick-or-treat in his town. No photos of his costumes exist either.

We have photos of our daughter trick-or-treating and sometimes we go in costume too. The year we chose to attend a church fall festival alternative to trick-or-treating, I made my husband a sweatshirt that looked like a pumpkin and I was Rachael Ray, complete with bottle of EVOO.


For the two-page layout of those photos, I scraplifted a design from the Close to My Heart Autumn/Winter 2012 Idea Book (below right).

scraplift2I didn’t have the Moonlight (Halloween-themed) paper pack and embellishments so I created my pages with cardstock. Because I didn’t want it to look completely Halloween-like, I cut fall leaves from the Artiste Cricut cartridge. And to get even more photos on the layout, I used Flip Flaps – plastic sleeves that adhere to the layout and stick through a slit you cut in the page protector.


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