Technique Tuesday: Ways with ink

I planned this layout to feature a technique using reinkers and Liquid Glass dimensional embellishment. Before I pronounced it done, I had used ink in other ways too — to splatter my plain cardstock base and to make a paper flower look more interesting.

Liquid Glass dries clear and shiny so it’s good at producing a “wet” look — from icicles (which I’ll cover in a future post) to water droplets on the leaves or petals of a stamped image, or even silk flowers.

This layout began with the plan of using the ombre technique where 3-4 shades of a color blend into each other.


There’s a video at the end of this post that shows in detail how to execute the ombre title that I’m describing here. I chose my chipboard letters called Dimensional Elements Monograms and four shades of blue reinker: Crystal Blue, Indian Corn Blue, Pacifica and Outdoor Denim. Using the emery board from the sanding kit, I filed off the bumps on the letters where they were attached to the chipboard frame.


I mixed less than a tablespoon of Liquid Glass and 4-5 drops of reinker in a small plastic cup similar to those coffee creamer comes in. Those would be perfect for this project as would wide-mouth bottle caps or jar lids. The demonstrator in the video below used Treat Cups — I think that’s wasteful. My mix was way too dark! When I do this again, I’m going to use only 1-2 drops of ink. Using a plastic knife and later a toothpick, I applied the dark blue Liquid Glass to my letters and hoped it would dry lighter. It didn’t.

I chose the same letters in a different style and tried again. This time I spread the Liquid Glass much thinner. It wasn’t as “neat” and smooth but it works with a page about water. I applied my colored Liquid Glass in this order: Crystal Blue (which ended up looking like Lagoon), Indian Corn Blue, Pacifica and then Outdoor Denim. I used a worn-out Cricut mat to hold the letters and help me judge where to stop one color and start the next. I plan to use this technique on more layouts, including Baby blues (about my daughter’s blue eyes), Blue jean baby (for photos of a baby or toddler wearing jeans), and s’mores.


If you want to try this, get your Dimensional Elements  Monograms now before they’re discontinued on Jan. 31. Those and all supplies used on this layout are available from my website:

SuppliesTwo sheets of White Daisy Cardstock (a package of 24 costs $9.50)
Spray pen (3 for $3.95)
Pacifica, Outdoor Denim, Crystal Blue and Indian Corn Blue reinkers or reinker in colors to match your layout ($4.25  each)
Patterned paper and cardstock in complementary colors
Blush marker  (2 for $5.95)
Green and Blue Epoxy Bubbles ($3.95 for a pack of 108 in three sizes and various shades)
Dimensional Elements Monograms ($3.25 for a limited time)
Liquid Glass ($6.95)

Instructions for making this layout

Take two sheets of White Daisy Cardstock. Fill the Spray Pen with water and put in 2 or more drops of Pacifica reinker. Close the pen and shake. Unscrew the top and slowly pull out the straw. Holding the top between your middle finger and thumb, tap the top with your index finger to drip Pacifica-tinted water randomly over each piece of cardstock. This achieves a splatter or water droplet effect instead of a sprayed/misted look. Set aside to dry.

Cut one 4 1/2-inch x 12-inch piece of patterned paper. I used a piece from the retired Dotty For You paper pack.
Cut one 1 1/2-inch piece of paper in the same pattern.

Cut photo mats from another piece of patterned paper. I used the reverse side of the piece from Dotty For You — a polka-dot print.

Cricut work

Using the exclusive Close To My Heart Cricut cartridge Artbooking:
— Cut Coolin’ Off  at 11 inches (this cartridge is programmed to size elements of a pre-designed layout to fit to scale. It won’t be 11 inches when it cuts. I used elements from a few different Artbooking layouts.) I used Pacifica cardstock.
— Cut the pennant banner on page 77 at 11 inches. I used Buttercup cardstock.
— Cut the 1-2-3-4-5-6 border on page 69 at 11 inches. I used Outdoor Denim cardstock.
— Cut the 3×3 photo mat on page 53 at 4 1/2 inches using Real Dial Size to ensure it cuts at 4.5 inches and not the scaled-to-fit size that would come out if it was cut at 11 inches. I used Lagoon cardstock.
— Cut a wave on page 67 from Lagoon cardstock at 4 inches using Real Dial Size.
— Cut the flower on page 63 — one part from White Daisy and one part from Buttercup — at 2 inches using Real Dial Size. Cut 3-4 flowers at 1 1/2 inches. I used White Daisy and Ruby cardstock.
— Cut the title at 1 1/2 inches. I used Pacifica and Outdoor Denim.

Putting it all together

The left-hand page:
— Starting 1/2-inch from the bottom of a base, adhere the 4 1/2-x-12 piece of patterned paper.
— Adhere your photos to the paper.
— Measure 7 inches up from the bottom and adhere the pennant banner at the edge of the paper.
— Position the first letter of your last title word on top of the banner if the title is long. You want the last letter of your title to be about 1/4 inch from the edge of the paper. Depending on the length of your word, it could be a 1/2 inch from the edge. I glued my Dimensional Elements letters down with Liquid Glass. You could also use glue dots to make sure they stick.
— Glue your flower pieces together. On the one with the white center (if that’s the color you’ve chosen), use the Blush marker to color the middle of the petals or add streaks or dots. I was going for a Hawaiian plumeria or a flower similar to the one on the girl’s swimsuit. I think I ended up with a lily. It’s all good. Stick the flowers where you feel inspired.
— Position your top photo a 1/2-inch from the top and right side. Its bottom edge may be a 1/2 inch from the top of your title, like mine is. Affix the wave over the bottom edge of the photo, off to one side.– Place the cardstock letters of your title above the pennant banner and glue them down.
— Finish this page by affixing Green and Blue Epoxy Bubbles randomly around the page. I’ve heard to do embellishments in threes. I’ve almost followed that rule to the letter here.

The right-hand page:
— Mat your photos.
— 1/2 inch from the bottom and side of the second base piece of cardstock position and adhere a matted photo.
— Right above it, glue down the 1 1/2-by-12 piece of patterned paper. I think it’s about 5 inches up from the bottom of the page.
— About 1/2 inch above that strip and 1/2 inch from the top, affix your second matted photo.
— Glue your number strip embellishment between the two — I tried to make sure only the base showed through the cutout numbers. Do it your way!
— 1/2 inch from the right side and top, affix your final photo.
— Beside your bottom photo, right under your strip of patterned paper, glue the “Coolin’ Off” embellishment.
— Place paper flowers and Green and Blue Epoxy Bubbles where you wish.

You do not have to copy this exactly. My style doesn’t have to be your style. Find your personal scrapbooking style and embrace it. Maybe you’ll start with my layout as a guide and come up with something dramatically different. That’s what I did! I Googled “scrapbooking layouts with six photos” and altered one I liked to suit my tastes and the products I had. As I worked I kept thinking of things to add. Have fun! Don’t stifle your creativity by boxing yourself in to a certain template or design.

To watch the ombre technique, visit the YouTube link below.


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