Cookie face race for the checkered

Things you should know about me:

1. I am not a chronological scrapper. I prefer to make pages when the photos or paper inspire me.

2. I like to fit a lot of photos on a layout.

3. I don’t take several photos of the same thing, for example, someone opening Christmas or birthday presents. That has its place — if it’s a “big” gift, one that the recipient will be overjoyed when she realizes what is in the package, then of course I want a photo of her face. If it’s new socks and underwear? Not so much.

All those things come into play in this week’s challenge from Heart 2 Heart.

My daughter’s 8th birthday a few years ago had a “Minute-To-Win-It” theme and featured games based on the game show. The party guests were challenged to bounce pencils into cups and race to stack cups and wiggle an Oreo from their foreheads to their mouths without using their hands.

This is one time I wanted to include photos that were all very similar — silly snapshots of each guest working to move the cookie. But the photos didn’t have to be large and none, except my daughter’s victory pose, merited being the focal photo.

A checkerboard layout is the perfect way to display these photos. “Checkerboard” is this week’s Heart 2 Heart Challenge, and you can interpret it any way you want!

Here’s how I did:

I’m ambivalent about this page and I will probably change the squares between the small photos and the journaling box in the near future.

What I love about this page:

The Oreo O’s  made with just circles cut from black and white cardstock and raised up with 3-D foam tape. I’d love to take credit for that but it was my husband’s idea! I’m not surprised. He’s a woodworker, so he’s creative in his own right. Many of the same design principles and similar techniques apply whether you’re constructing with paper, fabric or wood.

I like the Picture My Life card from the For Always set, which hints at the “Minute” game show theme, and the Ruby Chevron Washi Tape that picks up the red in the gears on the facing page and a guest’s shirt.

I like that the exclusive Close To My Heart Artiste Cricut cartridge has a font that matches the “Minute To Win It” TV show logo. That logo has white letters with a light blue shadow and a red circle that is a ticking clock behind it. In the creative process, I decided to use Slate cardstock atop a White Daisy off-set background letter. For one reason, it complemented the color of the For Always card, and for another the title showed up better with white as a background. I also chose a gear to save time creating the clock from scratch. I wasn’t trying to perfectly match the logo.

Much of the paper I used in this is from the discontinued Skylark paper pack. I chose colors that complemented the paper pattern or the photos (Ruby and Pacifica.) There are some squares from Brushed and the soon-to-be-available Blossom packs. It’s all the different patterned 3×3 squares that I don’t like. I think they take attention away from the really funny photos of people’s “cookie faces.” I have some ideas I’m going to try to change it. I’ll be sure to show you here, if I do. I am also going to change the journaling box. The shape is OK because it is similar to the pattern of the base paper. I just want to write with the journaling pen, which has a finer tip than the ShinHan markers.

My ambivalence toward my layout aside, I hope you see something here that inspires you! And be sure to look for even more ideas from the other design team members over at Heart 2 Heart! Show us how you interpreted “Checkerboard” — you have all month to link up your projects.






4 responses to “Cookie face race for the checkered

    • Thank you! I’m trying to decide if the paper in the checkerboard is growing on me because it’s OK or if I’m just too tired to think about changing it. I will probably experiment with some swatches to see if I find patterns I like better.

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