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I love comic strips. They are so witty the way they play with words and tell stories and are sometimes just fun. Some of my favorites have been, in no particular order, Marvin, Zits, Calvin & Hobbes, Baby Blues, For Better or For Worse and the Far Side. Freshman year of college I had a collection of favorite Far Side strips cut out and taped to my room door. I still quote Alice from Dilbert: “Must. control. Fist. of. Death.” when someone is doing something stupid or being aggravating.

The comics teach us things and comment on society. I have had tears flowing down my cheeks from laughing hard as much as sobbing while my heart broke for a character. I cried so hard when Farley the sheepdog died in For Better or For Worse. And I was a mess again when Les’s wife, Lisa, died in Funky Winkerbean.

Now that I get all my news online, I miss reading the comics, especially the Sunday ones. I haven’t gotten into the habit of trying to follow some online. Recently I discovered one that has been called “a Calvin & Hobbes for this generation.” It’s called Phoebe & Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson and I urge you to look it up here.

“Extra! Extra!” is this week’s Heart 2 Heart Challenge. I knew just the photo I wanted to scrap.


When my daughter wasn’t even a year old, her dad was holding her while he read the comics in the newspaper for which I used to work. She was sitting on his lap and looking at the paper. I was so amused that it appeared they were both reading the funnies that I sneaked out the camera to snap a photo. She caught me and cheesed really big. At that age she grinned every time she saw the camera.

The title was also easy on this one. My Aunt Laura, who babysat me a lot, always said “See you in the funny papers” when she put me down for a nap. My husband said his great-aunts and uncles said the same thing instead of good-bye. It is a lighthearted way to say good-bye or see you later that was popular from the 1920s-World War II, according to Urban Dictionary. It’s a breezy way to say “our lives are crazy, like the characters in comic strips.”

I had a lot of fun making this layout, especially mixing the fonts in the title like something you’d see in the comic pages. Even though the two patterned papers are discontinued, you may still be able to find them on ebay.

Base: Heartstrings (just recently discontinued)
Corners: Superhero (a couple of years old)
Speech bubble: Cricut Artiste cartridge, Canary cardstock
Photo mats: Cranberry and Canary cardstock
See: Token Alphabet (discontinued) in Outdoor Denim ink on Canary — I could’ve used the Framework Alphabet just as well.
You: Cricut Artbooking cartridge cut from Cranberry cardstock
In The: Keyboard Uppercase Alphabet in Outdoor Denim ink on Slate cardstock
Funny: Handwritten Print Alphabet in Outdoor Denim Ink
Papers: Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge cut using Real Dial Size
Also used: thin 3-D foam tape, stamp scrubber

I hope you have as much fun playing this week’s challenge, which you can interpret any way you want! You don’t have to give it a newspaper theme at all. To get more ideas, visit the Heart 2 Heart blog. You’ve got all month to link up your projects to share them with us.


3 responses to “Read all about it!

  1. I loved reading the background behind this layout- Calvin and Hobbes was (and still is) my favourite comic strip and I can’t wait for my boys to read my collection when they get older.

  2. What a GREAT layout!! So much fun, don’t you just love when a single picture is the story! My dad used to say “See you in the funny papers” too! So seeing that as your title just jumped out at me!

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