Cricut: So easy it’s scary

“One little, two little, three little witches, flying over houses, flying over ditches, slid down the moon and tore their britches! All on a Halloween night!”

I think that’s how a Halloween counting song goes that I sang as a child.

cardboarddecorWhile I was growing up, my Aunt Laura was my primary caregiver while my mom worked. She was my first and best playmate through endless games of tic-tac-toe, Go Fish and Scrabble. She made holidays a big deal. She decorated the windows using those cardboard pictures of cats and jack-o’-lanterns or bunnies, chicks and eggs. We would sing songs or play games I learned at school. For St. Patrick’s Day we would draw rainbows with pots of gold. Sometimes we made potato candy, which is just what it sounds like: a small amount of mashed potatoes mixed with a lot of powdered sugar to form a dough, rolled thin, spread with peanut butter, rolled up jellyroll-style and sliced. She and I would take turns hiding plastic Easter eggs in the house and hunt them over and over. We made a rabbit craft or colored pictures of Easter eggs. At Halloween she’d make pumpkin cookies and we’d draw more pictures, usually of jack-o’-lanterns and always of cats. I asked her to draw cats for me any time of year. They always looked similar to the one you see in the photo.


I was missing her — she lives across my state now — and thinking about her drawing cats when I got this week’s challenge from Heart 2 Heart: Cricut Capers. I decided to make a Halloween picture suitable for displaying in the Designed Decor Black Shadow Box. All of the products you see are from Close To My Heart — the white enamel stars, the cardstock, even the adhesive spring that is elevating the ghost. Everything — except the fussy cutting I did around Frankenstein and the mummy — was cut with one of Close To My Heart’s five exclusive Cricut cartridges. The decor I made could be kinda like the cardboard pictures with which she used to decorate.

I’m not going to give complete instructions. You don’t want your project to look identical to mine. Dig out your supplies and make your own choices. Have fun! Use the images that mean something to you. Put an owl on that tree limb or choose one of the walking cat images and put it atop the fence. When you’re done creating, slip over to Heart 2 Heart and link up your project.


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