Young at art teaches lesson in watercolors

Painting is not one of my creative strengths so I was a little apprehensive when I got the assignment for this week’s Heart 2 Heart Challenge: watercolors. First, I had to order Close To My Heart’s watercolor paints, paper and brushes; I also ordered the watercolor pencils because I had an idea forming and I wanted options.

Worrying my order of watercolor pencils and paints wouldn’t arrive by my deadline, I asked my 12-year-old daughter for help. She completed a unit on Chinese brush painting in her public school art class. I remembered that it uses ink combined with water. My daughter’s art teacher said she thought using Close To My Heart’s ink would work.

My order arrived the day before my project was due to the Heart 2 Heart blog so we set to work. I liked this project because my daughter taught me how to do something.

We painted a forest of bamboo. The grassy stalks are one of the light brown shades from the watercolors palette. But the leaves are painted by dipping a brush in water and then in Topiary ink from the lid of an inkpad. You could also us Reinker.

IMG_3312 IMG_3313

To create the bamboo: We placed the brush on it’s side, horizontally, brushed down, lifted it, left a bit of white space and put the brush down again.
To create the leaves: We loaded the wet brush with Topiary ink and started a thin line with the tip, then pushed the brush down so the bristles spread out wide as we pulled it across the paper and then lifted it up to make another thin line at the end. You can also make some leaves appear broken.


If I make another card like this one, I will not have my brush so wet with water and I will leave more space between my bamboo stalks. Fewer stalks would be better on a smaller canvas.



To finish the card, I stamped a “Dream Big” sentiment from the Your Own Kind of Wonderful stamp set in Cocoa Ink. I mounted the dry watercolor front onto a piece of Topiary cardstock to make a 4×6 card.

My daughter’s artwork is better than mine, and my practice tries are better than my final product.


Get inspired to brush up on your childhood art skills and bust out your watercolors. I hope you share your project by linking up at Heart 2 Heart. Make sure you use at least some product made by Close To My Heart.


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